Setup TrendChecker on TradingView

Once you've signed up on our website and given your active TradingView username and your email, you will have access within 24 to use our indicators on the Tradingview platform.

In order to use the indicators, you need to open a chart on TradingView and do the following:

  1. Go to

  2. Open any chart

  3. Click on IndicatorIndicator symbol

  4. Go to Invite Only Scripts

  5. Select TrendChecker A and TrendChecker B

Once TrendChecker Indicators are applied to your chart you can see it as candle colors are changed and both Trendchecker A Indicator (on the chart ) and TrendChecker B indicator (below the chart ) are visible.

If you receive any error, kindly contact our support team via email or Telegram.

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