What is Consultation?

Consultation is a course to understand how to work with Trendchecker Indicators. One to One Consult is conducted online via zoom or discord meeting there we help you develop a strategy to get success.

Consultation is not a must. one can use it to enhance their trading and get more exposure with different functions of TrendChecker Indicators.

1-hour consultation will contain the following topic :

1 Understanding TrendChecker Indicator and How to use it.

2 Develop Trade Strategy

3 Risk Management

4 Trading Phycology

5 Understanding Market Makers Method

6 Dos and Dont Dos

7 Trading CheckList

You can have zero experience or be an expert in trading. Anyone can attend the consultation and get more particulars on how trading actually works and get more success in this field. Again it's not mandatory but you will learn the secret that you did not know till now. If you want to be serious at trading you must know all the secrets that can help you gain more knowledge.

Once you order the consultation, our team will contact you and set up a comfortable date and time and help you prepare everything for the consult.

If you need any help or have more questions for us, you can always contact us via discord or mail and our team will contact you within 24 hours. No questions are stupid so do not be shy at all to contact us. we are always happy to help you.

TrendChecker Community has the vision to let the normal know more about the opportunities in trading and help them grow. Join TrendChecker Discord Community to know more. and yes it is free and always will be.

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